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Welcome to! is the largest and #1 listed book signing and book event website. Here you can find author and celebrity book signings, book festivals and book fairs. You can search for events near you using our Location search or "State Search" page. For a location search, enter the zip code or city and state to find a book event in your proximity. To use our State Search simply click on the State Search page and the state of your choice. We also offer a Keyword search where you can type in a book title, author name, event title or venue.  Both our Location and Keyword search can be found on the "Browse Book Events" page.

All are welcome to submit a book event for no charge. To add an event, head over to the "Submit An Event" page and follow the prompts. All submissions are free. For additional exposure to your event listing or venue, we offer both sponsorships and advertisements. For more information about our advertising options, go to "Advertise."

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